Enough Rope

Enough Rope


Anna von Reitz
26 December 2020; 21:02 (3 hours ago)
to Paul, bcc: me (Neil Warren)

Enough Rope

Here is a list that everyone needs to study and keep for reference—- a list of the major banking families (except one that is notably and perhaps pointedly absent) and the banks that they to a greater or lesser extent, control:

Bauer-Rothschild ………………… Barclays
Brown- Harriman ………………… NatWest (RBS – Royal Bank of Scotland)
Rothschild and Lord ………………… Citigroup (London domiciled)
Warburg ………………… SBC Warburg Bank of Hamburg (includes Warburg Bank of Amsterdam)
Lazard Brothers ………………… Banque Fédérative du Crédit Mutuel (Paris)
Israel Moses Seif ………………… Unicredit (Banks of Italy)
Goldman Sachs ………………… Goldman Sachs ([London domiciled])
Lehman Brothers ………………… Lehman Bros ([London domiciled])
Kuhn Loeb ………………… Kuhn Loeb Bank ([London domiciled])
Bundy ………………… BNP Paribas
Bilderberg (Bilderberger) ………………… Credit Suisse (Switzerland) controls US Presidency since LBJ (Lyndon Baines Johnson)
Rockefeller ………………… HSBC (London domiciled)

If we are to be truthful, “Rockefeller” would also include “IMF” as well as HSBC, and instead of just “Bundy” being associated with BNP Paribas, you would see the far more familiar name “Bush”.

The Federal Reserve Bank would be shown as a consortium put together by various families and banks shown on this list, for the issuance of military script used to buy the services of the Americans as Mercenaries defending these banks almost for free. Quite a sweet deal — for them.

The missing family is “Li” and the familiar banks associated with them are Plum Blossom (arguably the oldest bank on Earth), World Bank, Bank of China, and Bank of England. You can also include IBRD and the various “specialty banks” that spin off from the World Bank.

Brown-Harriman as in Lord Malloch-Brown, and as in Thomas Harriman, the American Railroad Baron.
Lehman Brothers has been so profligate and dishonest and cut so many corners that they’ve lost most of their stock and trade, though they have fought their way to a reprieve.

It is self-evident why the Eastern Hemisphere’s most famous and indeed, infamous, banking family, the Li Family, has not appeared on the original list above; and, it’s also obvious why they need to be included, if only because they are causing much of the current worldwide problem and because they are trying to keep their part in the melee quiet.

The Li Family compromised the Bank of England in the early 1900’s during the 1906-07 General Bankruptcies, so there is far more than Rockefeller’s HSBC hidden behind that woodpile. Plus, via Bank Treaties and other means, they have established influence over several major Muslim Banks that aren’t even discussed as part of the Families shown above — which must also include the House of Saud.

As always, it isn’t just a matter of what appears in front of your nose, it’s a matter of what should be there —- and isn’t.

For example, while all these “banks” appear to be banks, they are all actually acting in a different capacity — that of credit brokers.

Remember how I told you that although they continued to use the name and logos of “Wells Fargo Bank”— as if it was still functioning as a bank, the cretins in charge of the US Attorney General’s Office who used “Wells Fargo Bank” to monetize land assets that don’t belong to them, were in fact acting as Securities Brokers and not as a bank at all?

This is because only a few Eastern and Muslim banks deal in actual money— money that has intrinsic value in and of itself. The rest all deal in “monetized credit”.

How would you like a currency backed by nothing more than the good faith and credit of the members of the US CONGRESS? How much is that worth? Need I say more?

People have asked me why Trump went through this entire process and why he spent so much time chasing after criminals and criminal networks, why go through an election process if he knew that it would be rigged against him, why has he fallen out of favor with the Bilderbergers?

Now that you know that the Bilderbergers are NOT some mysterious cabal with unknown objectives — what you’ve been led to believe by the Mainstream Media — and that the Bilderbergers are in fact the representative shareholders of Credit Suisse, the credit side of the Swiss Banking Industry, ah, well, more shoes begin to drop in place.

Let me look into my crystal ball….

Could it be that Trump has given them all “enough rope” to finish the Swamp draining?

Please remember that the economy of Switzerland is very dependent on banking and other related services. Remember that every family listed here is dependent on “public confidence” — that is, public belief — that their products have value, and aren’t just so much ginned up bunk.

And now, also realize that credit brokering, especially credit brokering based on assets you don’t actually own, is a giant leap beyond the original sin of idolatry— and you will begin to realize why all the bankers are so frantic.

The entire House of Cards is built on fraud and natural resources that don’t actually belong to the players benefiting from this system of things. And the actual landlords just woke up.
This is why they all keep asking me, “What do you want?”

And why nobody is happy with the simple, obvious answer: “Our assets returned unharmed.”

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digging through the archives

Just So You Know, by Anna von Reitz
Posted on July 31, 2014 by David Robinson
Okay, well, by the skin of our proverbial teeth, we passed the waiting period and did the final “extraction” of the layers of gobbledygook “states” back into the organic states today.
We are “out of” THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and “in-to” The United States of America” and “out of” The United States of America and “in-to” the united States of America at last.
The counter-claim is nailed down good and fast for the organic states and the living inhabitants thereof.
All of us.
When the rats come to collect at either level, they will find that someone did show up and claim the missing property.
Both the Federal Reserve and the IMF will be disappointed to learn that a few little old ladies and peerless gentlemen from around this country remembered who they were.
And Mr. Obummer? His comment that “common people are too stupid to manage their own affairs” — just got served a double helping of “how does that taste?” He’ll have a lot more respect for the “common people” of this country before we are through mopping up on him and his little cronies-for-hire.



A conversation with Judge Anna von Reitz
Posted on October 26, 2014
On Oct 11, 2014, at 8:46 PM, Anna von Reitz wrote:
Other countries have a right to run their affairs as they see fit, Arnie. They are not subject to us and we are not subject to them. Though we may violently disagree with the Communistic leanings of the United States of America (Minor) — a legislative Democracy, not a Republic—that we have stupidly allowed to take root on our shores, we have no control over what laws they pass or what burdens are placed on “their” citizens, and their citizens are walking freely among us—- most of them indistinguishably so. Their contract with us, The Constitution for the united States of America, has ALWAYS allowed this crazy-making situation—- Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.
There are two populations here, Arnie, and there always have been. There are Americans and there are United States citizens. Both groups exist. Both have legitimate “citizenship”. Sorting the sheep from the goats is the problem,
especially when the sheep don’t know the difference. Every federal civilian employee, every military employee, every black American, everyone here seeking political asylum, and everyone who is receiving welfare “benefits” from the United States, Inc. is considered by the United States of America (Minor) to have voluntarily claimed their citizenship. Such “federal citizenship” reduces you to the status of an indentured servant, owed only “equal civil rights”.

Prior to MLK, Jr. they didn’t even have those guarantees. Any corporations you form under the auspices of the United States of America (Minor) are automatically reduced to the status of a slave, with no rights whatsoever. They and their assets belong to this foreign nation. That’s why American ESTATE trusts are “removed to” and operated out of Puerto Rico. That’s why controlling interest in us and our actual estates is presumed to be under the law of the United States of America (Minor), instead of Common Law, the reason that we are all “presumed” have chosen to live in a legislative democracy instead of an independent republic.
Terry is or was in the US Military, so he has been identified as a US Citizen — an indentured servant, his ESTATE trust, a legal fiction dba TERRY is classified as a slave. That’s the way they do it and the same way they have done it since 1862.
The proper course for Terry if he doesn’t want to be treated as chattel belonging to the United States, Inc. is to claim his birthright status. If he fails to object to being classified as a “US citizen” and declare other citizenship— such as
“American”—they retain complete control over him and his assets, including his body, his time, his home, his family…. He CANNOT remain a member of the US Military in any capacity and be treated as anything but a “US citizen” by definition. That is one of the groups that is and has always been classified as “US citizen”.
Why am I having to explain this again and again and again? He is being classified as a “US citizen” and treated as a “US citizen” under the laws of the United States of America, Minor, which is operating in accordance with the rights granted to it under the original Constitution. We have NO CAUSE TO COMPLAIN about how they conduct their business or treat their citizens, until and unless we are adversely affected, misidentified and imposed upon under the false pretension that we are “US citizens”.
Terry can’t be a soldier and an American at the SAME time. All soldiers are by definition “US citizens”. That is why I told you last night that America has been at peace since 1865 and that no Americans have fought in any war since
then as Americans. We are at peace. ALL Americans who have served in the US Military have done so as “US citizens”. It’s the United States of America (Minor) that is at perpetual war. It is “US citizens” fighting those wars.
Apples and Oranges, Arnie.
You are a smart man. You can figure out how this works and what it means. Try. Two separate nations. Two separate citizenships. We have been “presumed” upon to the effect that we are all “United States citizens” when we are not, but the fact remains that some groups within our society have always been “US citizens” and both federal civilian employees and military employees are two of the groups that ARE.
If your friend Terry wants to get out of the brig, he has to sever his ties to his military persona and any idea that he is or wants to be a “US citizen” or a “US CITIZEN” either. He has tried to claim the rights of an American State Citizen
at the same time that he clings to his military status and US citizenship and that by definition is impossible because the united States of America have never recognized any form of “dual citizenship” whatsoever.

Final Judgement and Civil Orders -Background-


A visit with Anna

On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 3:28 AM, Arnie wrote:

Dear Anna, what is the significant of this document? It appears to be an update but is not signed. On the other hand this doc is signed and is much shorter. Arnie Keeping American Patriots informed of the “truth” has become a full-time job! Available 24/7 – arnie@arnierosner.com Http://scannedretina.com

Response to Arnie:

If you think you learned a lot from other things I have shared, take the time to read the Final Judgment. http://www.annavonreitz.com/finaljudgmentwithaddendums.pdf

The first section of the document, the actual “Judgment” is boring and legalistic, especially if you don’t know the full detail of all that has gone on and why each section of it is important. The second section beginning about page 10 which answers questions is what you need to read and understand. It gives you the down low of how they operate, some of the important mechanisms they use to steal from the populace, what motivates them, why the current situation is intolerable…. Armed with this new understanding, you will be much better prepared and enabled to look around the corners. Once people get the hang of the other side’s method of operating it will be much easier for them to recognize the criminality of “their” government.

Simply recognizing the problem with clarity and knowing that it exists is the first step toward finding solutions. Knowing the history of the thing gives you the confidence to proceed on solid ground. Most of all, knowing who you are and what your role is absolutely vital. So long as Americans remain mired in questions about their own authority and ability to act, they are paralyzed like deer in the headlights. With a common understanding of who “We, the People” are, we naturally move forward without a lot coordination. That is also part of the beauty of the Founding Concept. Once people realize that they are sovereign, they are empowered to act and to choose what seems best to them.

As a self interested group, the vast majority of us agree on basic concepts like honest courts and respect for our natural rights, so as millions of Americans take up the work before them, there is an astonishing “common thread” running through all the raindroplike individual actions. The Will of the People gets expressed. The “government” is then forced to listen. It’s like we discussed yesterday— this present system of “representative government” has never worked well—- largely because it is impossible for anyone to truly present anyone else.

When we don’t “show up” and govern ourselves, it becomes a government by omission, in which a tiny number of people (515 to be exact) merely presume that they wield the authority of 390 million. You can see for yourself that this is a patently flawed and crackpot proposition, and that it potentially serves to let those 515 people rule as petty despots over everyone else. So long as the original Constitution was in place and being respected it kept them in check and many wise governmental “doctrines” were promulgated — equal representation under the law, equal footing for states admitted to the union, the Clearfield Doctrine, and many, many other halcyon principles were put in place to guide the operations of government. But once Congress “got out of the barn” and started operating its own separate little government controlling Washington, DC, Guam, Puerto Rico, etc., they discovered the pleasures of being plenary oligarchs instead of constitutionally empowered “representatives”.

This entire situation derives directly from the US Congress malfunctioning and scheming up ways to entrap otherwise free people into their “municipal” dominion, where they could use them as slaves and claim their assets as collateral backing the credit cards of the Congress members. The problem, to put it another way, is that “the United States of America (Minor)” composed of the “American” “states” of “New Columbia” (what they’ve called DC since 1984), Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia—-should not exist, should not be named anything so similar to The United States of America (Major) and should not be ruled as an oligarchy by Congress.

Our problem now is that the Congress has been ALLOWED (by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Insular Tariff Cases) to operate two separate governments—one a constitutional republic, the other a plenary oligarchy—and to create two separate nations with two separate sets of law, all housed under one roof. In such a situation, one conflicts and competes with the other. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that given a choice of ruling over their fellow citizens as slave masters was easier and more lucrative for the members of Congress than abiding by the limits of the Constitution and demeaning themselves as “public servants”.

We, the People, lulled into complacency by being able to hand off our responsibility for our own government to our “representatives” and trusting those representatives implicitly, stopped paying attention to what was happening in Washington, DC. Now we have awakened with a jerk and cold sweat in the middle of the night, wondering “What is going on here?” Government by omission and presumption doesn’t work. Our government only functions correctly when we show up, en masse, and do our job. I’ve just told you what is wrong and in the Final Judgment and Civil Orders we’ve provided a “reading list” of primary source documents that anyone can read and investigate and use to come to their own conclusions, which we are confident will not fall far apart from our own.

We have identified the problem. We have dug out the history and know exactly how it developed and who is responsible for it. We have owned our own culpability for not dealing with it earlier. We have investigated our own roles, rights, and responsibilities. We are in the process of exercising our own empowerments. We have recognized the nature and limitations of the “federal government” as it now exists. We have located and identified the internatonal Trustees who are also responsible for this mess. We have established that of the three internatonal Trustees, the Office of the U.S. Postmaster is in Breach of Trust and so is ELIZABETH II, and only the Pope is responding as a Trustee should to assist in getting the ” runaway horse” —- Congress —- back in the barn.

That’s where it stands right now. The word is being passed and like water seeping through the cracks of a barrel, about fifty million American patriots are seeking their own ways and means to address the problem. They are forming groups, including jural societies. They are talking to their friends and neighbors and local officials. They are paying attention to what is happening in their own “STATE” legislatures as well as DC. They are working together in groups like this to put together the pieces of the giant jigsaw puzzle and yes, they are seeing the Big Picture emerge. That then gives everyone a road map of sorts, a common understanding of what the problem is.

Our most immediate brush fire is the economy and the monetary system which our predators are working hard to our detriment. The situation with the “Open Border” is emblematic. The UNITED STATES (INC.) is out of pocket. It can no longer just charge off the cost of whatever “services” it wishes to provide against the unwitting Americans, because the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc. ended in 2013. Their whole “false surety” scam has fallen apart and they haven’t yet been able to set it up again. So, how does the UNITED STATES, INC. make money? By providing governmental services. What do they do when Americans are not demanding enough governmental services? They create a need for more governmental services. So they invite millions of penniless Mexicans to swarm across our borders…..and they provide THEM services and charge US for the cost.

If a lot of criminals come across the border or a lot of sick people, it’s even better from the prospective of the UNITED STATES, INC., because they have to round up and provide prison space for criminals and hospitals and medical services for sick people and caretakers for unaccompanied children, and so on and on. The whole border situation right now is a gold mine for the UNITED STATES, INC. They look at it as a grand opportunity to force us to pay for their services. Once you start looking at things from their perspective, it is quite easy to make sense of things that otherwise make no sense at all. And you realize that since this whole situation is being caused by a private, for-profit governmental services corporation run amok, the cost of this debacle should be charged right back to the parent companies responsible for its mismanagement—- the IMF and the UNITED NATIONS.

The IMF is an agency of the UNITED NATIONS, and the IMF owns and operates the UNITED STATES (INC.). Rather than arguing with Mr. Obama or Rick Perry about their misadministration of the UNITED STATES, INC. and its TEXAS franchise, we need to send the bill for it to their bosses, Christine LaGarde and UN General Secretary Ki-Ban Moon. That’s just one example. The situation with the monetary system is even more important to address in an effective manner. The bank accounts of hundreds of millions of Americans have been unlawfully converted to the ownership of Puerto Rican ESTATE Trusts operated “in their names” by the IMF. Because the ESTATE Trusts have been left in the control of the IMF, all “our” bank accounts have been entrusted to their care, too. This is how and why Ms. LaGarde so casually discusses the prospect of “nationalizing” our retirement accounts—- that is, confiscating our bank accounts—-to benefit the IMF.

Take a look at what you think are “your” checks and you will see that the actual name on the account is in all capital letters—- which tells you that the account holder is some kind of corporation—- a commercial corporation, a trust, a foundation, a cooperative—some kind of legal fiction entity owns “your” bank account. Those of us who have investigated such matters know that “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” is a Puerto Rican ESTATE Trust operated by the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico and owned by the IMF. The colluding banks have opened an account “in your name” and you have been deceived into depositing your private property into these accounts—-which the banks then “interpret” as a voluntary donation from an unknown source, collected by an unpaid volunteer employee of the ESTATE Trust, whose “Authorizing Signature” appears on the checks and who opened the bank account in behalf of the ESTATE. Don’t believe it? Take out a high powered magnifiying glass and look at what appears to be the signature line on your “personal” checks. You will see that it is a line of microprint endlessly repeating “authorizing signature” or other words to that effect.

Make no mistake— your savings and retirement accounts are at REAL risk—-simply because you have not been informed and you have not taken action therefore to claim and protect your own assets. You think they are “safe” in the the bank and that there is no question that these assets belong to you, but in fact, they already belong to someone—or rather, “something” else—–an ESTATE Trust that the IMF pretends to be the beneficiary of. All that is standing in the way of the IMF confiscating every checking, savings, escrow, and retirement account in America is the growing public knowledge of the situation and the fraud involved——and good old FRANCISCUS, the Pope, who has drawn a line in the sand and refused to stand by and let such a gargantuan theft occur on his watch as Global Estate Trustee.

The monetary system, the threat to your real estate and other assets, the commercial mercenary armies now masquerading as “federal agencies” on your state soil—-all of it derives from mismanagement and self-interested scheming promulgated by members of the “US CONGRESS” past and present. You have nobody to blame but yourself, because you delegated your authority to these yahoos to “represent” you and you have continued to delegate your authority to them long after any reasonable person would take them to the woodshed for more than a spring cleaning. So why not write to the local Voter Registration agency and inform them that you rescind any application they have on file for you and that you are not a “voter” but are instead an “elector”? Then write to “your” Congressional Delegation and tell them that they do not have permission to represent you. Explain that because of the deplorable and reckless endangerment they have caused to you and your assets you are firing them for cause.

The UNITED STATES, INC. is a commercial corporation under contract to provide you with governmental services. If you aren’t happy with the service, you have every right in the world to fire them. Do so with impunity. Write a letter to Ms. LaGrand advising her that you are the rightful beneficiary of all assets related to the (YOUR NAME IN CAPITAL LETTERS) ESTATE TRUST and that you do not appreciate her presumption that the IMF has any legitimate claim to your name or any of your other private property assets. Remind her that the UNITED STATES. INC. is under contract to provide you with lawful money, not ridiculous “debt notes” and that they have not done so, and so they are in contract default and culpable for the continuing misadministration of the banks and monetary system which you are owed. Slam it to ‘em. Spread the word. Refuse to pay any taxes owed by a Puerto Rican ESTATE Trust. Refuse to pay mortgages owed by Puerto Rican ESTATE Trusts.

While you are at it, send the local land records office—County Clerk, Recorder’s Office, etc.,— and tell them that you made a mistake and that you should never have filed any deeds or records related to property held in your name with their office. Instruct them that they are no longer to act in any trustee capacity related to you or your ESTATE and that they are “released” from any right or obligation to take any action related to mortgages, deeds, and other such records held in your NAME.

Tell the local bank that you never knowingly authorized them to set up any account for a Puerto Rican ESTATE Trust, that you were owed full disclosure, and that it was always your understanding that the account you opened with their institution was for your private use and that’s why you entrusted them with your private property deposits in the first place. Smile sweetly. Then withdraw the bulk of your credit from all accounts controlled by the commercial banks. Open up your own private “bank” to serve yourself and your neighbors. Use PayPal and similar services for online transactions. Buy Green Dot and other Buy-As-You-Go Credit Cards. Keep just enough in a checking account to pay current bills. Invest in real assets and let the buggers hang.

I hope you are getting an ear-full and an eye-full and that whatever else you are taking away from this discussion you now know that you are fully empowered to act “without representation” and that you are responsible for taking such actions as described above to peacefully and effectively stop the predators in their tracks. We are dealing with rampant “government” sponsored criminality and fraud on an unimaginable scale. It requires awareness, prompt, effective individual action, and determination to succeed. Get down to the bank. Start those discussions. Withdraw your money. Keep records of all correspondence. Anything you send to any “government” agency, send via Certified U.S. Mail, Return Receipt Requested, and keep copies of it all.

Anyone receiving Social Security payments should write a polite letter informing the Social Security Administrators that (1) you paid for “retirement insurance” and medical coverage and you are not in receipt of any “charitable benefit” from them, and (2) you are vested in their system and grandfathered into it and owed the terms and services guaranteed at the time of your retirement and you do not accept any offer of change, including Obamacare.

Finally, inform them that you do not grant them any Power of Attorney and that any presumption that you ever did knowingly give such authorization is mistaken on their part, and now that you are retired you decline any association with the Social Security Administration whatsoever, except that of an insured party and creditor owed good faith service. Thank you, very much.

And finally, realize this— when you sign a document you are acting as an officer of a corporation. Real people have autographs. So when you write a letter to these rats, write your name in all small letters and add a disclaimer immediately after it: “nonnegotiable autograph, all rights reserved”. When you are signing something (because you sometimes have to) as the priority secured party creditor of the Puerto Rican ESTATE Trust, make sure you sign it in upper and lower case and add “non-negotiable signature of secured party creditor, all rights reserved” or words to that effect. If you have to correspond with the Internal Revenue Service (run by the FEDERAL RESERVE) or with the “IRS” (run by the IMF) —make sure to get everything in writing, never offer to talk with any of their agents. These are private bill collectors working for the equally private governmental services company, and they are both working off different “sides” of the Puerto Rican ESTATE Trust. The “Internal Revenue Service” holds the credit side of “your” ESTATE’s trust account under “your” Social Security Number being used as a “Taxpayer Identification Number” written like this: *123456789” with no hyphens. The “IRS” is working the debt side of the same account and uses the familiar account number: 123-45-6789.

The IRS is supposed to be direct billing the Internal Revenue Service and merely sending you “informational updates” regarding the status of the ESTATE Trust account, but what they do instead is to send you a “Billing Statement” which you then mistakenly assume is a real Bill because it looks like one, and also mistakenly assume is addressed to you, and so, you dig in your own pocket to pay it instead of telling the “IRS” — “Go collect the billed amount, one time only, from the Internal Revenue Service account.” Most of the time the IRS does both— it collects from the Internal Revenue Service by direct billing, and then it just misappropriates all the money you “donate” to it.

Have you had enough of this crap? Are you ready to do something effective about it? Well, time to have a heart to heart “talk” with the members of the “US CONGRESS” and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration and the local bank and, and, and….. Fly, my monkeys, fly! Give them all back a small portion of what they’ve given you. Keep your temper under control at all times, no matter what. This is a cold business and your mood needs to be similarly cold, business-like, determined, and no nonsense. You are here to protect your interests and the interests of all other Americans.

Thanks to the work and research that has already been done, you can act with confidence and rely on the public primary source documents as proof. The rats have left a broad trail of evidence in their wake, and none of it can be denied. They have acted with criminal negligence and often with blatant criminal intent toward people who are owed good faith service. AND THAT, is what the document entitled “Final Judgment and Civil Orders” addresses, Arnie.

Sorry for the long rambling explanation….signed copies are available.